January 22, 2008

CARE & FAIR – An Initiative Against Child Labour

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Child labor in the the weaving regions of the world is a huge issue. In the USA and Canada we typically charge headlong at the issue like this and while meaning well we can often do harm.

I  registered Care and Fair to fight against illegal child labor in the manufacturing sector of hand knotted carpets. We are passionate about this but we want to be wise in our response.

Situations in third world countries need a measured and thought out response. We think that a buying boycott does not show favorable results in the struggle against child labor. It can very often causes even more misery among the families and specially the children. The reasons are complex in the hand knotted and weaving Industry. Child labor is often not due to child exploitation or hatred but its a deeply structural problem. Families have to all work to put food on the table. Sometimes these are loving situations and there are really no alternatives. We concluded that we have to have a measured response and do something practical that fitted the reality on the ground. Lets not boycott and do more harm lets find a program that works to improve the conditions on the ground. Care and Fair is a practical and realistic organization that works at a fundamental level to work against the exploitation of children by providing education and health care

I like CARE & FAIR because it builds and maintains schools, kindergartens, apprenticeships and hospitals for basic medical treatment in the carpet centers of India, Nepal and Pakistan. Up to now, more than 2,7 million Euro have been donated for this private development aid. is now working with Care and Fair.


January 21, 2008

Design and Music

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Thank the stars for music. Music are essential tools of taste. Let me share a secret on how I get into the groove for understanding designs and what consumer wants and desires are. Its simple I play music. It has helped me to understand see the world in a different way. Music allows me to express beauty, rhythm, and movement. It has also allowed me to see the world of others.

When I chose music I chose a lens through which to view the world. And when it comes to design and thinking about what hand knotted rug suites what environment I first turn to music. In my case my world is a mix of jazz, world classical and opera. Then I get lost in the music and somehow as I do I begin to see colorful geometric forms and patterns that match the music. It’s as if my eyes have been opened and I have been invited into a world I had never seen.
In music, the rhythm can slow down and speed up, pause or sustain a tone, leap, or even freeze for an instant. I just go deeper. When this happens I tie into a concept similar to Gestalt’s Law of Continuation in that everything has its own natural rhythm. In that state I meet the muse and then I can make my choices of colors, designs and patterns. Truly my creative muse is the music.
Next time you find yourself stuck when choosing a rug or even art or area rugs for your lifestyle turn to music and your music’s palette will help you will find the colors, textures, patterns and graphic forms to guide you in your choices.
Remember color, pattern and design are expressions of music. The best guide I can recommend for you that will help you chose the right area rug for you is music. Chose it well and listen carefully.
PS while you may not a Synesthesiac I do believe you will appreciate how music can trigger colors. It does for me, Listen to a little bit of how Music Unleashes Rainbows of Color. Click on the Music Unleashes Rainbows of Color and enjoy. PS I am not Synesthesiac but I think we all experience it to some exten t and music is the trigger.

January 6, 2008

Persian Rugs, Revolt and Grandfathers

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Taste and design are odd creatures. They ebb and flow to the market and memory. Marketers whose craft it is to manipulate desires and tastes and to feed the economy are constantly restless and fine tuning desires. For them its change. But in all of us there is a stronger code and less restless code which is our family code. We all remember what our parents loved and grandparents loved. They are are our trust and comfort zones.
Whatever your parents loved I will predict, and I am open to correction, that you will go the opposite direction.
As I said taste and design are funny things. We hear the marketers but our family ties are stronger than the lure of marketers. I just bet your sensibility is stronger to your grandparents sense of design and taste than your parents. As Lewis Mumford said “the commonest axiom of history, is that every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers”
The beauty of Persian rugs is they contain all the passions. Persian Rugs carry 1000’s of years of history passion, conflict, love, and tranquility. Read them carefully- and never, never compare Persian rugs to machine made area rugs. In the many styles of Persian Rugs those that embody classic passion and tranquility, tribal world beat and yes even jazz and rock. No surprise there. Persian rugs are scores of histories. ( PS check my article on Tribal and Jazz in the archives)

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