January 6, 2008

Persian Rugs, Revolt and Grandfathers

Filed under: Economy — Tony @ 5:28 pm

Taste and design are odd creatures. They ebb and flow to the market and memory. Marketers whose craft it is to manipulate desires and tastes and to feed the economy are constantly restless and fine tuning desires. For them its change. But in all of us there is a stronger code and less restless code which is our family code. We all remember what our parents loved and grandparents loved. They are are our trust and comfort zones.
Whatever your parents loved I will predict, and I am open to correction, that you will go the opposite direction.
As I said taste and design are funny things. We hear the marketers but our family ties are stronger than the lure of marketers. I just bet your sensibility is stronger to your grandparents sense of design and taste than your parents. As Lewis Mumford said “the commonest axiom of history, is that every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers”
The beauty of Persian rugs is they contain all the passions. Persian Rugs carry 1000’s of years of history passion, conflict, love, and tranquility. Read them carefully- and never, never compare Persian rugs to machine made area rugs. In the many styles of Persian Rugs those that embody classic passion and tranquility, tribal world beat and yes even jazz and rock. No surprise there. Persian rugs are scores of histories. ( PS check my article on Tribal and Jazz in the archives)


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