March 22, 2008

Freud PR and why you eat Bacon and Eggs

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eggs-and-bacon.jpgGo figure two Jewish guys changed Americas eating habits to bacon. Its true and its funny. Years ago in the mid 1930’s Americas consumption of bacon was slipping. It was a busy time and most happy workers just grabbed toast and coffee for breakfast.

So what do you do as a client in a declining market. Well you call a PR guy and you try and shift the publics perception of the brand. Edward Bernays did that in a big way and he rearranged the bacon world for his client the Beech- Nut Packing Company (Useful links: The Museum of Public Relations, Edward Bernays). What is truly fascinating is how Bernays used his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s ideas to help convince the public that bacon and eggs was the true all-American breakfast.

He took Freud’s complex ideas on people’s unconscious, psychological motivations and applied them to the new field of public relations.

Just click on image and listen to the story on National Public Radio of a “A Hearty Breakfast”. Its a fascinating talk. red-phonessml.jpg Edward Bernays

Tomorrow I will post how Bernays used Freud’s ideas and changed marketing and public relations for ever. And why your cholesterol is so high !!


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