March 29, 2008


campaign-for-a-cemmercial-free-cvhildhood.jpgAs a marketer with a long track record I find marketing to children is questionable to say the least. To keep up with the debate and keep myself balanced in my marketing and advertising practice I rely on the” Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood”. The Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood is the result of an innovative conference which was held in 1999 at Howard University. The conference brought together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of activists, academics, educators and health care providers concerned about the corporate influences on children. One year later, a number of conference attendees gathered in New York City to protest the Golden Marble Awards, the af1.jpgadvertising industry’s celebration of marketing to children. No surprise with ads like this being placed in the market A year later the
Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood was born as a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and concerned parents who counter the harmful effects of marketing to children through action, advocacy, education, research, and collaboration.

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  1. Thanks very much for this, Tony.

    As a father I intuitively feel it is important for young minds to be left out of the advertising mix that is so rampant in our acquisition-based society.

    As a psychology clinician I know only too well the impact of advertising and media on children. And the truth is, adults aren’t doing very well with it either!

    And while I am usually a supporter of evidence-based this or that, just as one doesn’t need to research the pitfalls of jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, so too one doesn’t need to stretch much to understand the negative impact of commercials on children.

    Keep up the great blogs. Absolutely loved the one on Freud’s nephew!


    Comment by Rudy — March 29, 2008 @ 8:05 pm

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