April 1, 2008

Persepolis and Understanding Iran

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I will get nothing from Google ranking for this post but yesterday I got myself down to to a theater to see Persepolis. Right there is a classic in the making. Its a movie with a great story and production techniques that hearken back to the early and glorious Disney days. Sadly the new Disney probably would not have the courage to produce it. Its a revealing movie about Iran and very well told. Everything is seen from the point of view of the main character who brings forth her memories as a little girl in Iran, as a teenager in exile and as a married woman back in Iran. The story is always interesting, heart-felt, funny, sarcastic at times, nostalgic, cruel and absurd at some points but very very convincing. I highly recommend it.

I love stories and that speak from the heart and show character. Read Marjane Satrapi’s two books and rush off and see her movie Persepolis.

Make sure you check out the Persepolis website. That website is so bang on to the topic. Well done to whoever produced it.

The biggest asset of the Persepolis is that it doesn’t preach, it leaves everything to the viewer’s judgment, and this is something to be appreciated because we all know that cartoons can be very effective propaganda devices.


And make sure you read Marjane Satrapi’s two autobiographical graphic novel (comics) that describes her childhood in Iran after the revolution. They are brilliantly told and illustrated.


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