April 6, 2008

“Dance With the Tiger,” a Sunday Meditation

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Its Sunday and its a good time to take time out and meditate on life, inspiration and how to grab it. Often that is not easy. My advice is try an article thats in this weekends Sunday New York times written by Johnny Cash’s daughter Rosanne Cash ” Measure for Measure” how to write songs and other mysteries”.

Its a story of her own loss and pain, which she like her father has had in spades. In January she experienced the loss of her friend John Stewart (”Daydream Believer,” “Gold,” “California Bloodlines”).

She recounts John Stewart “used to say to me, upon hearing a new song of mine that he thought might be too perfect or careful or contrived, either lyrically or structurally, “But where’s the madness, Rose?” His belief in songs, and his sense of liberation and expansion when he approached writing, was deeply inspiring. John showed me that songs were the expression of the essential language that all other languages hinged upon. When I first began to know him, I felt that I had been speaking with a vocabulary of 200 words, and in a few months he taught me 10,000 more.

Rosanne Cash took John Stewart’s advice  and let a little madness,  paradox and uncertainty into her life  and the result was  “Dance with the Tiger” (1990) . Read her article first and see what takeaways you will get for drawing inspiration in the lifelong “Dance with the Tiger of Life”


March 26, 2008

How a marketing guy bought the hype on bio fuels

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corn.jpgMarch 24 The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) warned about the risks posed by agro fuel production What a shock when today Bloomberg reported that Robert Watson, the U.K.’s chief environment scientist is calling for a delay in policies to increase the use of the biofuels pending tests into the sustainability of the alternative fuels.

It seems with all my experience in marketing I had bought the hype. I started to change my mind on biofuels when I read articles about global basic food price rises and saw the price rises it in my supermarket. What finally changed my mind was the recent debates in the UN Assembly debate on Climate Change in New York. There the debate about  biofuel food vs. fuel was framed starkly as   “people literally will starve to death in parts of the world, it always happens when food prices go up.

He is right.

Even Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic the the man who has a great deal to lose since he is so vested in the idea of biofuels (see links below) now says he regrets investing in ethanol for financial and environmental reasons. Time to go Hydrogen?

See Below:

All of that criticism comes just weeks after a Science magazine study says biofuels can be twice as harmful as gasoline .


March 21, 2008

Counting Carbon with Craggers

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Calculating your carbon footprint is not hard. There are hundreds of websites that offer calculators and some even offer ways to offset your sins. Kind of like the church. Its neutral and its up to you to make the difference. In the future that may not be left up to you.

The International Herald Tribune reports in its Blog the Business of Green” that there is a British movement “CRAG”, or a Carbon Rationing Action Group based in Islington, North London which has started a radically different different movement. They hold each other to account!. This may be be the birth of a trend.
Read the article and let me know if you think this will work in North America . Also check out your own carbon footprint. In North America. try the EPA’s calculator. Then there is the “COOLCLIMATE CALCULATOR” offered up by Berkley.

March 20, 2008

A 300 mpg Car ?

I have a reason to love what is happening in some circles of car design. Radical new ideas for cars are emerging as

ff_100mpg1_6301.jpga result of the good work of the X Prize Foundation. Some of the results are in Wired reports in a recent article “1 Gallon of Gas, 100 Miles — $10 Million: The Race to Build the Supergreen Car”

And far as I can tell its brilliant news while these X cars have a very limited oil dependency. Way to go . This are a step in the right direction. Where is GM and Ford asleep again at the Switch ?
Check the Alpera company .

Its Official Spring is here

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Spring is here, or so they say. That was confirmed this morning by a cacophony of bird songs. Yup the birds are already out singing. Why they do that is a mystery that researchers, poets and authors have pondered over for many years. According to researchers, its because the birds are exposed to light for longer periods, certain brain cells trigger a series of hormonal reactions telling them to find a mating partner, which they do by singing.
Lot of pre-mating was going on outside my window. I have seen glimpses of the same behavior in my fellow humans. Colors are coming back and clothing is getting creative again. For now, toss aside the market and other worries and lets enjoy the spring build up.

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