September 4, 2008

Reinventing the family pet- dangerous or funny?

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Just when I thought genetically modified this or that had gone away – up pops a truly astounding stupid idea. It seems a company by the name of Lifestyle Pets has re-engineered the tired old cat and dog to produce brand new products for a modern lifestyle.  Go figure !!!
How’s is this possible you ask … well they’ve invented a hypoallergenic cat, which sounds handy. I need one of those but without the tinkering.

Good news thought apparently the Ashera is a hybrid cat [no its not  light on fuel]  This cat comes out of a petri dish and is a cross between three different types of exotic felines. It resembles a leopard, but will still eat Whiskas  or Pedigree or any other brand name food and may murder the family dog a mouse from time to time without making you sneeze and itch. Sound brilliant ?. Well the geniuses behind this engineered feline have a price for this kitten

It costs between $22 000 and $125 000 ! At that price   it better bloody well shake a killer martini and pack the dishwasher as well. Mango and Pachebel my cats are hopeless at household chores.

More good news from  Lifestyle Pets this time on the dog front. Apparently  the company also offers a dog called the ‘Titan Family Protection Dog’ . No doubt this  is a nice new marketing spin for a focused and very mean dog.

How did I guess- well will we ever learn that this is crazy ???.

PS: Have you  checked the icecaps lately? . Seems with mankind learning may take a while.


April 8, 2008

Has Hillary Clinton Lost ?

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The Gallup daily reports that the the democratic race is widening between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. HAS SHE LOST?. I love testing survey groups like the Gallup Poll . Its a science but its also a mix of magic and marketing. What do you think — and quite frankly what difference does it make if she retires or not?.

March 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama

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The Democratic battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is a classic marketing “Ding Dong Battle ” I say marketing because thats exactly what it is happening right now. What we are witnessing is a crafted media battle and political strategy . Don’t miss the point at this stage in a long battle we the citizens are excluded. Right now the facts have been shoved into the background. I don’t think you will disagree!

Can you hear what Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama is saying above the medias chatter.? These are two bright people with huge ideas and once again the media and political process has been trivialized by the media and political process that we are addicted to.

Pray tell me. How can one reduce this classic Clinton and Obama battle to ” Here comes Barrack and here cames Hillary”. In the name of all the Gods (fill in your religion) what happened to declaring ideas.

Its sound bites folks.  Lets demand more. Lets demand debates that are not media orchestrated. Lets chose the moderator. Lets chose the questions. Let the panel of experts be elected online, by phone and  by the listeners. Lets see how democracy is supposed to work.

PS:  Hillary Clinton is home in New York. Barack Obamais also on holiday. R est up and come out swinging with ideas… We the citizens demand it

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