April 8, 2008

Has Hillary Clinton Lost ?

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The Gallup daily reports that the the democratic race is widening between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. HAS SHE LOST?. I love testing survey groups like the Gallup Poll . Its a science but its also a mix of magic and marketing. What do you think — and quite frankly what difference does it make if she retires or not?.


March 21, 2008

Will Hillary Clinton lose ??

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Its very possibble thatHillary Clinton will lose. It seems unimaginable as she is instantly recognizable and has tons and tons of experience. But she is sliding. Imagine being her adviser. As any good brand strategist you would weight her brand equity against her performance.

What to do?. Do you bet the farm on her equity, hope for the best and plow in more money or do you change her path entirely and change her brand. You have nothing to lose Hillary your brand is not resonating. Seems to me Barack Obama has resonated with the public. Hillary take a few cues from him. Step out of it and redefine yourself. Remember what Cadillac did and how they changed their frumpy image?. They stepped out of the past and repositioned themselves and they won.
Unlike Seth Godin who in an article “Sunk costs, quitting and the value of your brand” said you should quit. I believe he got it wrong. Here is my advice. Hillary you have equity in spades. Use it well and grow it with change.

Go for it.

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