September 4, 2008

Cradle to Grave – Marketing to Kids

As a marketer one thing that absolutely makes me cringe is marketing to kids.  Its so manipulative and oh so  calculated.  The goal is to manipulate kids as marketing influences on their parents and to get kids hooked on brands from “cradle to grave”.  Its simple get kids when they are vulnerable and  plastic and they will be imprinted for life,   If you have the time spare a moment and watch this out take of  Lucy Hughes explaining  what marketing to kids is all about.  Its honest and  very revealing and bang on the money.

Its  a little hidden gem about marketing  to kids.  When I watched it I yelled  “Gotcha”  because this video   brilliantly illustrates how ethics and marketing to kids are two different sensibilities.

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March 29, 2008


campaign-for-a-cemmercial-free-cvhildhood.jpgAs a marketer with a long track record I find marketing to children is questionable to say the least. To keep up with the debate and keep myself balanced in my marketing and advertising practice I rely on the” Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood”. The Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood is the result of an innovative conference which was held in 1999 at Howard University. The conference brought together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of activists, academics, educators and health care providers concerned about the corporate influences on children. One year later, a number of conference attendees gathered in New York City to protest the Golden Marble Awards, the af1.jpgadvertising industry’s celebration of marketing to children. No surprise with ads like this being placed in the market A year later the
Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood was born as a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and concerned parents who counter the harmful effects of marketing to children through action, advocacy, education, research, and collaboration.

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March 19, 2008

Google ad words and ad effectivness.

I am a businessman and I pride myself that I can see a trick a mile off. I was a little humiliated today when I missed a classic marketing technique in a “You Tube Video”. I got mugged by the set up… which lured me into a simple team shot and there I got lost in the activity. Watch the plays carefully. How many times does the white team handle the ball.??

Nope the answer is not 13….now scroll down for the answer.

Go down

Did you see the the moon walking bear ??. Think off how many times you have been to movies or watched TV and missed the product placement. Next time you watch a show try and count how many product placement shots there are. Cars, food, booze they are all there. PS I dint think you will see any moon walking bears unless that a new trend being subliminally introduced.

December 21, 2007


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I teach a marketing class and last night I blew the neural pathways of most of my students by injecting the thought that beauty is there in age, lines in the face, worn skin, and white hair.

It was a hard sell so to add to their confusion I had brought along two swatches of area rugs. One machine made and a spectacular piece of elaborately patterned Italian design.It had a sheen and plushness and sculpting that Michelangelo could have taught

Then I pulled out a had knotted 400 kpi silk and wool rug. It wore its years very well considering its forty full traffic years.

What do you think they thought? PS I will give away a free Persian runner for the best analysis or similar story. The runners can be seen at

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